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  1. 79.95 $79.95

    The Electronic Nargila / E-Hookah is easy to use, portable and produces great flavour.  Different flavors and nicotine levels are available for purchase. Now you can enjoy the same benefits as your electronic cigarette with the Nargila E-Hookah. There is no need for special preparation or matches and best of all, there is no real smoke.

  2. 13.95 $13.95

    Vintage’s metal refillable bottle is a stylish and convenient way to carry and dispense your e-liquid. Simply unscrew the tip and fill with any e-liquid, or pop out the cartridge and insert a bottle of your favorite Vintage E-Liquids flavor (15ml bottle). These collectible metal bottles come in a variety of designs and finishes.

  3. 19.95 $19.95

    Tutti Fruitti E-Hookah e-liquid is a flavourful, fresh combination of different kinds of fruit. It’s offers the sweetness of berries and cherries, with hints of citrus and freshness of a lemon. You can enjoy all the benefits of an electronic cigarette now with the E-Hookah- no harsh chemicals, no smoke and no need for a coal. 

  4. 19.95 $19.95

    Made specifically for your E-Hookah, the Strawberry flavoured e-liquid is full of fresh, ripe strawberry taste. Enjoy your E-Hookah with no need to light a coal, no real smoke and no harsh chemicals.

  5. 19.95 $19.95

    Pineapple flavoured E-Hookah e-liquid is an invigorating combination of mouth-watering sweetness with a hint of tropical flare. E-Hookahs give you the same great flavour as a regular Hookah, without the smell, smoke and harsh chemicals.

  6. 19.95 $19.95

    Peach flavoured e-liquid designed especially for your E-Hookah. This sweet, tasty flavour is light and delicious. 

  7. 19.95 $19.95

    The sweet, lightly fruity Melon flavoured E-Hookah e-liquid is available in 0mg. For use with your E-Hookah. 

  8. 19.95 $19.95

    E-Hookah Mango e-liquid will delight your senses with notes of sweet, succulent mango flavour.  Enjoy your E-Hookah with no need to light a coal, no real smoke and no harsh chemicals.

  9. 19.95 $19.95

    Refreshing and zesty Lemon flavoured E-Hookhah e-liquid. You can have the same great taste with your E-Hookah without the real smoke or need for hookah tobacco. 

  10. 19.95 $19.95

    Grape flavoured e-liquid available for your E-Hookah in 2mg delivers a punch of sweet, yet citrus filled berry flavour. Enjoy your E-Hookah with no need to light a coal, no real smoke and no harsh chemicals.