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  1. 29.95 $29.95

    The Vape Chamber, Pyrex clear top cap is made for the Patriot RDA.  The acrylic material is heat resistant and it includes a removable drip tip. It has two air holes that can be easily drilled for more airflow.

  2. 13.95 $13.95

    Vintage’s metal refillable bottle is a stylish and convenient way to carry and dispense your e-liquid. Simply unscrew the tip and fill with any e-liquid, or pop out the cartridge and insert a bottle of your favorite Vintage E-Liquids flavor (15ml bottle). These collectible metal bottles come in a variety of designs and finishes.

  3. 44.95 $44.95

    The 454 V2 RDA by Kryptonite Vapor has an air fin cooled top cap which is also removable for easy wick access. By by lining up different hole configurations, it can produce 1, 2, or 4 adjustable sized vent holes depending on your build. Single post design. Center post has cross drilled .06" holes for your largest wire builds.

  4. 119.95 $119.95

    Stillare V3 Dripper by Cartel measures 22mm in diameter. It is made of 904L stainless steel with copper plated post and screws. It has 3 deep juice wells and vertical slots,  that can handle up to 20/22 gauge. 

  5. 99.95 $99.95

    The Patriot 26650 RDA by Innovape has a 30mm outer diameter and a 22mm inner diameter. It is made in the USA and has a 24K gold plated center post. The new peak insulator is able to withstand high temperatures. It also features a dynamic quad ring seal that keeps juice inside the tank. 

  6. 38.95 $38.95

    IGO W7 is 22mm in diameter. It has a 3 post design (2 negatives and 1 positive center post) and adjustable airflow ring. 510 connector. 

  7. 32.95 $32.95

    The Brass Patriot Halo V2 Cap by Cap it All Vapes is compatible with Patriot, IGO W5, Taurus and Spirit. Dual or single coil AFC. It has a concave reduced chamber and easy access to coils for direct dripping. 

  8. 32.95 $32.95

    The Brass Igo W Halo V2 Cap by Cap it All Vapes is compatible with the Igo W, W4. Dual or single coil AFC. It has a concave reduced chamber and easy access to the coils for direct dripping. 

  9. Russian 91% 20%off
    $79.95 $99.95

    The Russian 91% by Kebo is an advanced rebuildable atomizer tank system. 

    This Russian 91% is very similar, and its parts compatible with, the Kayfun Lite. However this version includes adjustable air flow and an adjustable center pin on the 510 connector.