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Rechargeable Batteries

  1. 11.95 $11.95
    The AW IMR 18650 Button Top is an excellent choice for high drain (high discharge current). AW brand batteries are specifically designed to get the best performance out of your 18650 compatible devices . These batteries have PCB protection against overcharge/ over discharge/ short circuit and a safety vent with thermal cut off protection.
  2. 14.95 $14.95

    Purple eFest IMR 18650 is a 3.7 volt, 2500mAh, 35A, IMR Li-Mn battery. 


    Nominal Voltage: 3.7v

    Battery Cell Material: LiMn

    Battery Model: 18650 v1 (Flat)

    Capacity: 2500mAh

    Positive: Flat Top V1

    Protection: Unprotected

  3. 9.95 $9.95

    The Efest 18350 IMR 700mAh 10.5A Purple Button-Top Battery is one of the best batteries for the Mechanical MOD / Rebuildable Atomizer / sub-ohm user. These batteries have exceptional performance over long periods of time and are one of the safest batteries available. Venting with flame or explosion is dramatically reduced with safe chemistry performance in LiMN 3.7V rechargeable high drain batteries. A Smart/Intelligent Charger (such as Efest Bio Charger or LUC LCD Charger) is recommended for use with these batteries, although they can be charged with any Li-Ion charger with a 4.2V output.

  4. MNKE 18650 Rechargeable Battery 27%off
    $10.95 $14.95

    MNKE-18650 battery has a powerful discharge current and is ideal for mechanical MODs as well as sub-ohm builds. To prolong the life of your battery it is not recommended to allow the battery to discharge below 2.5V.  With safe chemistry technology, the risk of venting with flame or explosion is dramatically reduced. There is no protection circuitry added or built in so the battery length is slightly shorter to ensure a good fit in most MODs.

  5. 11.95 $11.95

    The AW 18490 battery is slightly shorter than the ‘18500’ and will fit in most APV’s.  AW IMR cells are safer than the LiMN 3.7V rechargeable and can handle a high amperage. These cells can be charged with any Li-ion battery charger with a 4.2V output.  The nominal voltage is 3.7V with a max amp limit of 16.5A. The standard life is approximately >500 cycles.


  6. 12.95 $12.95

    The new AW-18650-2000mAh are high drain, high quality cells and have a 2000mAh capacity. The dimensions are the same as the previous model so they are still compatible with your current extended end cap.

  7. 10.95 $10.95

    Efest high drain (10A discharge) IMR 2200mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Battery available in 18650 size. 

    With a length of 67mm, this is an excellent High Power battery for most 18650 APVs. Fits well with mods that require a button top battery.

    Safe chemistry LiMN means no risk of venting with flame or explosion. For use with high current, this battery can deliver more capacity at a higher voltage than 3100 mAh cells.

  8. 7.95 $7.95

    Efest (Safe chemistry) IMR 3.7V rechargeable battery is now available in 18350 size. Because of the high discharge rate, this IMR cell works well in variable voltage electronic cigarettes. The risk of venting with flame or explosion is reduced with safe chemistry technology. 

  9. 11.95 $11.95

    The Efest 18500 IMR 1000mAh 15A Purple Flat-Top Battery is a popular battery choice for use with devices such as Mechanical MOD / Rebuildable Atomizer / sub-ohm user. To prolong your battery life, it is recommended to charge using a Smart / Intellgent Charger (it can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with 4.2V output). Safe chemistry LiMN 3.7V rechargeable high drain batteries have a reduced risk of venting with flame or explosion and do not require a protection circuit